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Za Ginipiggu (The Guinea Pig films)

The Guinea Pig - coverThe Guinea Pig films make up one of the most infamous horror series ever. Made on a minimal budget, the seven films feature an innovative array of torture, gore, and death.

The films are relatively short, each taking one repellant concept and stringing it out for as long as possible. Flower of Flesh and Blood depicts a man dressed as a samurai, torturing and mutilating a young girl he is holding prisoner, who eventually dies. Mermaid In A Manhole is about an artist who finds a mermaid, then creates a gruesome masterpiece out of her decaying body. He Never Dies has a suicidal office worker, who – you guessed it – finds he cannot die, and uses this to take revenge on those he blames for his unhappiness.

The first two films (Devil’s Experiment and Flower of Flesh and Blood) had no credits, and were promoted by an underground advertising campaign that presented them as genuine snuff films.

Copycat crimes

The films have purportedly inspired a number of copycat murders, most famously by child killer Tsutomu Miyakaki. Inspired by a massive collection of violent manga and films, Miyazaki renacted his favorite scenes on a number of unfortunate victims, including a gruesome scene from the Flower of Flesh and Blood.

In inquiry following Miyazaki’s 1989 capture, it was clear that he had been thoroughly psychotic without the aid of the films, but their association with him earned them a lot of bad press.

Confused with real snuff films

In 1991, actor Charlie Sheen came across one of the tapes (Flower of Flesh and Blood). Believing it to be a real snuff film, he reported it to the FBI, who didn’t take long to work out the film was a fake.

Change of direction

In the wake of this controversy, the films were taken over by a new production company, Japan Home Video, who realised the commercial potential of their new found infamy. They added credits and a score to make it clear the films were fiction, while retaining the gore and sick humour.

To date, the official Guinea Pig films are:

  • Devil’s Experiment (“Akumano Jikken”, 1985)
  • Flower of Flesh and Blood (“Chiniku No Hana”, 1985)
  • He Never Dies (“Senritsu! Shinanai Otoko”, 1986)
  • Making of Guinea Pig (“Mekingu Obu Za Ginipiggu”, 1986)
  • Mermaid In A Manhole (“Manhoru No Naka No Ningyo”, 1988)
  • Androids Of The Notre Dame (“Notorudamo no Andoroido”, 1988)
  • Devil Woman Doctor (“Peter No Akuma No Joi-San”, 1990)
  • Making of Devil Woman Doctor (“Bangaihen: Akumano Joi-san Meikingu”, 1990)
  • Slaughter Special (“Zansatsu Supeshiyaru”, 1991)
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  1. Joe

    I’ve only watched the first two, and I can tell you they’re SICK o_o

  2. Queer Face

    Charlie Sheen is a retard. He is correct about the 9/11 coverup however. And he is also not as shitty as Emilio Estevez is, although he was good in Repo Man. These films as films rule. Special effects are excellent, and these guys make the shit look real. What the fuck is wrong with that? I think Saving Private Ryan is a lot more disgusting and objectionable than than the Guinea Pig films.

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