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White Day

The Japanese have a completely different take on Valentine’s Day, which is even more commercialised than in the West.

On February 14th, women give chocolate or presents to men. The greater the value of the gift, the more serious the girl is about having a relationship with the guy.

Exactly one month later, on “White Day”, lucky fellas get the chance to reciprocate. An amorous chap should spend at least 10 times what was spent on him if he wants any action.

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  1. bob

    what if the girl gives you $10?

  2. VenturerMatt

    Why would she give you dollars and not yen currency? If she did give you the Yen equiv of ten dollars, I’d say get yer face in between her legs and lick her out! Thereby, circumventing the need to give her a hundred bucks!! Sure she’d like it! But don’t come crying to me if it goes a bit Pete Tong [wrong!]. No idea. That’s a bit of a fantasy anyway. E Asian women are often reserved.

  3. nameless

    What if the girl gave you a girl chocolate do you need to gave back ?

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