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Vending machines

There are over 5 million vending machines in Japan, with a turnover of almost a million every year.

Soft drinks and cigarette machines are most prevalent, but you may also come across those containing: beer, manga, videos, condoms, instant ramen, eggs, pornography, hot food, live lobsters and underwear. Tragically, you can’t buy a schoolgirl’s used underwear any more, but you can use your imagination…

The popularity may be explained by cultural shyness, cultural laziness, or not minding your streets being covered in garish moneyboxes.

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3 Comments, Comment or Ping

  1. Live lobsters and underwear?
    one or the other, i could understand, er… kinda,
    but both?

  2. Jack

    Ha ha. Good spot, Matt.
    I’m tempted to correct it, but there’s something oddly compelling about the idea of lobsters prancing around in panties, so it stays.

  3. Alize

    Oh my god, are you advocating the use of the “Oxford comma”? For shame; the sentence is grammatically correct!

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