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Uyoku dantai (Right-wing extremists)

The uyoku dantai are deranged right-wingers who ride around in black jeeps, play marching music and yell imperialist slogans.

An embarrassment which most people ignore, they possess a surprising amount of political influence through yakuza connections and bribery.

Their campaigning centers monotonously around increasing Japan’s military, kicking foreigners out, and making the Emperor the boss again.

In 1990, Nagasaki’s mayor was shot by an uyoku group after he publicly suggested that Japan take responsibility for WWII. In 1993, another group killed the parents of a magazine editor whose publication criticised Empress Michiko.

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  1. Anonymous

    these deranged guys represent everything that is bad about japan’s politics! they abuse the freedom of speech granted by the Constitution of Japan. the Diet should at least amend the constitution to include limitations to that right such as going to extremes. the uyoku dantai should just stop this propaganda, demolish their noise trucks, and just GET A LIFE!!!!!

    a message to uyoku dantai: no one in japan even cares! GET USED TO IT!!!!!!

  2. R.T.

    Simple solution: They have shown they can murder, show them they can be murdered. Target and know off a few hundred of them and they will quieten down.

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