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Used panties vending machines

You can buy almost anything from vending machines in Japan but the most famous product, used panties, is no longer available. The machines, catering to the bura-sera (schoolgirl obsession) of many Japanese men, first appeared in 1993.

The soiled underwear, also available at specialist bura-sera shops, is often accompanied by a photo of the panties’ former owner – like a seal of authentication.

The machines were met with public outcry, but there was no direct statute banning the trade. Cunningly, three traders were charged under the Antique Dealers Law, requiring dealers in second-hand goods to get permission from the local authority, and the panties disappeared from the streets.

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  1. Please send me more info on used panties dealers and anything else on that subject.

  2. Pavel

    Good day,

    How can I find out what are the permissions which are to be obtained from the local authorities?

    Thank you.

  3. Queer Face

    Who the fuck wants to buy used panties? Stupid stupid people. Why don’t you go out and actually meet a living woman instead of sitting around your shitty apartment with Sailor Moon posters on the wall sniffing your little vaginal morsels off some little girls underwear? Dumbest fucking fetish I ever heard of.

  4. rty

    well this fetish comes after meeting real woman and getting dissapoint

  5. Anonymous

    “Tart but not bitter”!

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