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Tentacle sex

Tentacle sexThe image of women being unwillingly violated by octopi dominates the Western perception of hentai (pornographic anime and manga). Our fascination with this small niche of Japanese erotica probably says more about the West than it does about Japan.

Twisted as it might seem, the depiction of tentacled lady-botherers is just a creative extension of popular themes in “straight” porn: dominance and restraint. Although young women are the most common victims, the guys have not been left out – tentacles have also found their way into gay porn.

This slippery type of bestial erotic expression has roots in classical Japanese art. One of the original pieces of octopus porn was made by Katsushika Hokusai around 1820. Although the legendary ukiyo-e artist is most famous for his landscapes, he was also a prolific producer of shunga (erotic art). In ‘The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife’, a naked woman is graphically ravaged by a pair of octopuses.

The modern revival of octo-filth was partly inspired by the censors. Japanese decency laws, which demonstrate much less imagination than Japanese pornographers, don’t allow portrayal of the penis. Unable to draw more conventional tools of penetration, hentai artist Toshio Maeda violated his heroines with tentacles instead. This ploy earned him fame and reignited interest in the genre.

Although these images remain repulsive (albeit intriguing) to the majority of people, tentacle sex might be re-entering mainstream art. In 2001, Masami Teraoka’s ‘Waves and Plagues’ exhibition included a modern reworking of the original Hokusai piece.

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  1. George

    My favorite!

  2. Octupi I think…I think the nature of tentacles with octupi and the kind you see in most hentai are incredibly different though. Katsushika’s art actually had the suckers, and it was more about the entire side of it enveloping the women’s body and adhering to her. I think it’s much more sensual and less invasive than the tentacles you see in hentai today which are more like phallic stand-ins.

  3. Tentacle porn has it all, gangbang with no guys, bondage, multiple penetration and topped off with bukkake (Another Japanese “thing”) What’s not to like?

  4. Anonymous

    Dear Katsushika Hokusai, WTF?!

  5. Ambey


    So wrong.

  6. what the fuck japan

  7. Madyson

    Let’s not forget the many offshoots of tentacle rape… like many-snake-rape, vine-rape, tentacle-like-energy-rape. Ooh, and can we count humanoid cat-tail-rape? or should that fall under something else since it’s just 1 tail? hmmm.

  8. Queer Face

    Better than Richard Gere stuffing a gerbil up his ass

  9. silly japan 😉 i once found a hentai sex vending machine that sold tentacle rape manga

  10. DaVince

    “What’s not to like?”

    From what you said? Everything.

  11. Anonomyous

    What in GOD’S is wrong with you all on this stuff i feel like it shoudnt even exist at all!!!

  12. nabor

    Tentacle in gay porn? Nah, i’ve never came across tentacles raping a guy and i’m a big hentai freak, meh, there is barely 3-5 gay animes to begin with, but yeah, never saw a tentacle gay rape.

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