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PlumsTamakeri is a peculiarly Japanese form of BDSM which involves naked men get kicked in the testicles by women. Emerging in the last few years, it has been a growing niche in the Japanese porn. Apparently, a clean, hearty ‘Slap!’ of impact is very important. Astonishingly, most of the ball kicking sessions are followed by sex, which means tamakeri actors need the superhuman ability to stay hard while their member takes a bruising.

It would be refreshing to think that Japanese women were driving demand for tamakeri videos, revelling in the idea of dominating and humiliating their men. Sadly, the main customers for this kind of thing seem to be masochistic young men. Indeed, it has been much easier for pornographers to find willing kickees than kickers.

The films are certainly masochistic from the man’s point-of-view, but not really submissive. The focus is still control over women, in this case ordering a girl to hurt them precisely where they choose. In this way, tamakeri videos give men an unusual sense of power.

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  1. Deez Nuts

    No comment.

  2. anon


  3. dude

    “precisely where they choose”
    “give men an unusual sense of power.”

    written by a girl….I bet a kick in the nuts XD

  4. DaVince

    Nice reference to Spinnerdisc animations there, DEEZ NUTS.

  5. GoddessAN

    I have NO problem be the ” kicker”.

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