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Datch waifu (Sex dolls)

Dutch wifeSex dolls in Japan are not generally the grotesque, O-mouthed type, but tend to be much more sophisticated and realistic. In Japanese, these silicone dolls are known as datch waifu (Dutch wives), a name likely to be about as popular with Dutch ex-pats as “Turkish Bath” (brothel) was with the Turkish embassy a few years ago.

Originally, a Dutch wife was a body-length wicker bolster used by travellers in the balmy Dutch East Indies to keep a sleeper’s limbs off his sweaty sheets. Apparently, some lonely sailors cuddled up to them just for comfort, which might be where the Japanese got the name from.

The Axis alliance and sex doll history

The modern incarnation of the sex doll was developed in the 1930s for the relief of Japanese naval crews. Similar dolls were being developed at the same time by the Germans, which makes you wonder how things might be different if WW2 had gone the other way.

From pornstar replicas to shag lumps

Some are incredibly detailed and realistic, with faces and bodies modelled on porn actresses. Other manufacturers hack away all nonessential elements – arms, legs, head – until all the customer is left with is a lumpy cushion with nipples and a hole in it. Flat-chested dolls dressed up as schoolgirls also seem to be quite popular – one striking thing about sex dolls in Japan is how young they look.

The most sophisticated silicone dolls can cost around 600,000 yen, and come with a lifetime warranty. Unwanted dolls are discreetly reclaimed by the company, and given a Buddhist memorial service before being dismantled and destroyed.

Dutch wifeswapping

The expense and potential embarrassment of owning a Dutch wife has created a market for the sex doll brothel. At one store, customers pay 12,000 yen for an hour with their submissive silicone escort. Guys sometimes bring in special costumes and cameras, so they can fulfil whatever fantasies their girlfriends won’t, and get a few souvenirs. This rampant sex toy sharing would appear to have serious health implications – you have to hope everyone’s playing safe – and it’s not even worth thinking about what the cleaner has to do.

Dutch husbands

The girls needn’t feel left out, as there’s a whole range of similar dolls for women. Although these “Dutch husbands” possess all the anatomical requirements for a good time, they are unlikely to satisfy any lady who likes her partners dominant.

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    I interested the Jewel Orient doll, and i will rent it. Give me info where I must be visite around Shinagawa, Tokyo. And how much the cost for 1 hours. I need soon, Thank you

  4. Jay

    We are looking to bring these dolls into the US. Can we speak to someone regarding this? [email protected]

  5. manish peelwal

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  14. TZ

    I’m interesed in knowing where and how can I purchase a male doll?? I would like the prices, sizes, etc. of any of the males. Thanks.

  15. Anonymous

    If they’re doing that, I highly doubt they have what you would call a, “girlfriend”.

  16. technikvista

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  17. Nasir Khan

    i want to know have any mechanism been developed for vagina of the doll that during the intercourse it feel the same throbbing or contraction on the penis as we have from a woman? Also can we feel the same oral sensation while kissing or doing oral sex?

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  20. Leah

    Does anyone know where I can get a Prince Vegeta from dragon ball z sex doll??

  21. DaVince

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  22. yahveh

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  23. dudeman

    I’m pretty sure some of them are fake. If not, it’s goddamn hilarious.

  24. I’m pretty sure that japanese engineers will create the first hooker android of history (A.I. movie).

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