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Issei Sagawa, the celebrity cannibal

Issei Sagawa“The public has made me the godfather of cannibalism, and I am quite happy about that.”

In 1981, at the age of 32, Issei Sagawa leapt to infamy for a cannibal murder the Japanese call Pari jinniku jiken (The Paris Human Flesh Incident). When captured, he was found mentally unfit to stand trial, and sent home amidst suggestions that his wealthy family were able to secure special treatment for him. After a year in a mental hospital, Japan’s most gruesome celebrity was free.

Pari jinniku jiken

Sagawa had been studying English literature in Paris when he became obsessed with a Dutch classmate, Renée Hartevelt. Having persuaded her to come to his house to discuss their studies, he shot her in the neck, and spent the next 2 days eating various parts of her body. He chopped up the remains and put them in a couple of suitcases, which he dumped in a park. He was spotted in the park and arrested a few days later.

Celebrity career

Although most people were appalled by what he had done, there was undeniable public fascination with Sagawa, and he has managed to make some sort of living out of his infamy:

  • He has authored at least 13 books, including explicit accounts of his own experiences. In one, he describes how the Dutch girl’s flesh “melted in [his] mouth like a perfect piece of tuna”. He has also written about other people’s atrocities, including a book about the infamous child-killer Sakakibara.
  • He appeared in the 1992 film Sisenjiyou no Aria (The Bedroom), in which women are drugged and subjected to bizarre sexual fetishes. Sagawa’s role as a sadistic voyeur drew directly from his public persona.
  • Another example of art imitating life is in Sagawa’s own painting, which focuses on the nude bodies of Caucasian women.
  • In one extraordinary display of bad taste, he was once hired by a tabloid to write restaurant reviews.

Despite his varied celebrity career, Sagawa admitted in 2006 that he was having trouble scratching together enough cash to eat a Big Mac, let alone another Dutch student. Sagawa’s decision to revel in public infamy has made sure no one forgets his horrific crime, and he has found himself unemployable. It is difficult to see how much sympathy he should expect.

  • Issei Sagawa (Wikipedia)
    “In interviews, Sagawa describes himself as a ‘weak, ugly and small man’ and claims that he wanted to ‘absorb her energy.'”
  • The Cannibal Celebrity: Issei Sagawa (Crime Library)
    He says that when he sat next to her in a class, he fell instantly in love and could not stop thinking about the white skin of her arms.”
  • Issei Sagawa: The Confession
    Sagawa’s account of his cannibal act. Not for the faint-hearted.
  • Sagawa Issei: Too Much Blood
    “I flipped through the childlike drawings. It was an account of his life, with the centerpiece being the two day-long orgy of mutilation, cannibalism and sexual deviance”
  • Police photos from the crime scene
    WARNING! Some of the pictures are graphic and might be upsetting. If you’re unsure about visiting this site, please don’t.
  • Former celebrity cannibal struggles for next meal (MDN WaiWai)
    “The fiend not only avoided prison time for his monstrous meal but managed to sashay his gruesome act into a celebrity career”
  • Issei Sagawa (Everything2)
    “He is (or at least was) a huge celebrity and pop-culture icon in Japan, selling books, doing TV interviews and the like”
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  1. !

    lol wtf is with the cannibal man, fuck that phsycho

  2. I saw a show on this guy.He’s probably the creepiest human being I’ve ever seen.

  3. He should be dead like others who likes eating human flesh!

  4. hopper

    What the hell? I’d comment on everything that is completely wrong with this situation, but I feel I’d be stating the blatantly obvious.

  5. Kendall

    not sure if “In one extraordinary display of bad taste, he was once hired by a tabloid to write restaurant reviews.” is a pun or not

  6. What a sick SOB! I am very shocked that he got some fame and money out of what he did.

  7. anon

    just goes to show how bad french food is lol

  8. corey

    Im interested in finding the title of the poem that Renée Hartevelt read. The poem by Issei’s favourite german expressionist…help?

  9. All those Asians and Africans love the taste of Caucasians, especially the Brains.
    In Southern Africa the Witch Doctors sell Albino parts from African Albinos.

  10. Anonymous

    what an interesting man,i must say!

  11. anchoredwunderlust

    john thats for medicine. they think that albinos can cure things. its very ignorant, but nothing to do with non-whites being obsessed with us 0_0

  12. name

    what a sicko..
    does it taste like chicken??


  14. Alison

    woooow this is so wrong , he should be executed but instead hes famous and he gets money for it so now he probably thinks what he did was ok and good >.>

  15. what a creepy guy!!
    makes me sick

  16. ...

    i want someone to cause him continuous unbearable pain

  17. GOD

    that is not cool

  18. mistyken

    well i read some articles about this dude b4. his father is a very wealthy banker and it is said that his father pulled some string to get him extradited back to japan. i doubt money is an issue for him, all he wants is fame…..

  19. Anonymous

    That’s Japan for you!

  20. davidddd

    i can kill this fucking guy …

  21. Aloysius Fozdyke

    Issei Sagawa is in many ways a hero; a truly exception individual. Issei has been subject to a great and unwarranted deal of race hate. The fact that he ate a dead woman is used to mask the unspoken ethnic superiority of others as they deliver sugar-coated – if hardly disguised – xenophobic diatribes against a peaceful man trying to get on with what is left of his life. He seeks neither fame nor fortune, merely to be accepted and gently appreciated by others.
    But latent racism is ever present to thwart him, ever ready to condemn and shamefacedly tireless in its aggressive hypocrisy. Have there not been a number of white race cannibals? No one heard of Albert Hamilton Fish?
    By redeeming Issei from the snickering gutter-press we would be redeeming ourselves. By ceasing to parade a singular individual’s past like a dirty handkerchief and rising above the all too easy put-down and snide aside we’d be elevating ourselves as well as Issei.
    More people have reached the summit of Everest than have killed and eaten another human being. More people murdered than eaten. But Issei Sagawa is one of the precious few who lives amongst us; one of those who went beyond the bounds of normalcy to touch the furthest reaches of experience and one who could do with our help.

  22. maxmillion

    I can’t believe this! How can someone get away with such a horrendous crime? And to top it off, he gets celebrity status in Japan? WTF!!!

    People like them make me worry like hell everyday about my wife and family and of course other woman who are not strong and cowards like these prey on them.

    I can slice this guys head of myself. Good fucking riddance! We don’t need people like this around our families!

  23. Maggie

    That thing should be in a mental asylum for the criminally insane.

  24. Anonymous

    japanese are sick people! in normal society he would be hated and attacked, but in japan he’s a celebrity?! it’s so sick!

  25. Emilio

    I would like to have a private session in the woods with this girly like motherfucker. I will be a pleasure to put a good old American Buck knife through his belly. I would have my hunting dogs take good care of him. We don’t need this scum on earth.

  26. Jon

    Something is terribly wrong with the Japanese society. No wonder I gather other countries in Asia disliking them. Psychiatric tests in Europe where he was admitted used the world “Evil” not insane in conclusion to what this sick bastard is.

  27. Anonymous

    He’s a fucking bastard, can’t believe that no one’s killed until now…

  28. Aloysius Fozdyke

    Mr. Sagawa made a mistake in the salad-days of his lonely youth. Unlike others who would take the easy course and rot in gaol, Mr. Sagawa set about transforming himself from criminal to celebrity; from misunderstood wretch to an international icon. In that regard we could all learn something. Today there are numerous websites devoted to him; he is an internationally recognised author both of integrity and humanity.

    Although I don’t for one moment condone his idiosyncratic, cannibalistic action it must be admitted that his victim is largely remembered merely as an aspect of his life. And whatever recognition she gets is inextricably linked to Issei and his achievements. Cruelly, but perhaps accurately, it can be opined that although there were and remain many girls like Renée Hartevelt there is and will only ever be one Issei Sagawa. Indeed his status is such that he warps the contours of perception, moulding existence with grace, style and joy. Internationally know and nationally respected he will continue to blaze as a beacon of what is possible in a sordid world of lesser mortals and as an example for the future.

    Indeed, it is not beyond the realms of possibility that in time to come people will doubt that such a man did once walk upon the Earth amongst us, for his stature grows with each passing year.

  29. Let me at him!!!!

    This is for you Aloysius Fozdyke! You are worse if possible than that piece of shit! I will gladly torture you and that other ugly motherfucker for free! As a matter of fact I would pay to torture both of you!!!! You mindless jap ass-fucking little dick pussy bitch!!!!!!! Stick up for that bitch again and you will find that little ugly fuck and yourself at my dinner table!!! And guess who will be on the menu?!! Please put your address on so I can come visit!!!

  30. I can not believe Aloysius Fozdyke

    How can you read about what this man has done and not feel any sympathy for his victim?! Sure you say that you do not condone what he did, but to say that there is something to be learned from his story is unbelievable. When you first tried to realate this story to race I was shoked. I am by no means saying that racisms could never have ben an issue in his life, but I see no corrilation here. The victim clearly was not prejudice towards this man as she went to his house to help him out of her own free will. And please keep in mind that of course we remember the white cannibalists, but you are commenting on an article about this one particular man so other examples will probably not be mentioned. If you want, I sure there are other places you can visit that denounce other “white” cannibles. Further more, what makes his cause particularly upsetting to people is the fact that he got away with this sick injustice, not his race. Last, prehaps the victim would be remembered in her own way had that right not been so brutally taken away from her when she was still young. Please think before you say things that make you sound inhuman and foolish. To be perfectly honest, I think you are just writting this that you know will outrage people because you think it might be funny. Either way, it is completely abhorable.

  31. ale

    it’s a shame!! tell that girl’s parentes that he’s a hero!! He was saved from french justice thanks to his rich rich father. he’an insane killer and not brave at all, like a real hero should be. I JUST WANT TO SAY THAT IT’S A SHAME. How can japanese people read his books?

  32. Ninja

    Okay, I dont normally comment on shit like this but all of you people complaining about the japaness goverment and how its all fucked up is so fuckin annoying!

    Look, Canniblism is something that happends WAY more then you people know about. It is not wrong. People eat animals just like animals eat animals. When humans first came to this god forsaken earth, WE DID EAT EACH OTHER to survive.

    1. Being a cannible does not make you the scum of the Earth. It makes you a human fuckin being. Yeah, its not seen alot now-a-days but in this century, there are way more cannibles then you people actually know about.

    2. All of you people who are saying that you would torture him or people who are on his side, wouldnt have the balls to do it anyways so shut the fuck up. You dont know what it takes to kill someone and guess what, YOU NEVER WILL. Killing is an art. The only reason people dont accept it, is because we are all suppose to “live in peace” or whatever. If you people would open your mind and take a look at this would, you wouldnt be so close-minded and stupid when it came to this subject.

    3. Issei Sagawa was doing what any other human would have done. You have an urge or a desire, you satisfy it. No matter what it may be. Belive it or not, there are alot of things that can over-power our own will and i guess cannibilism is one of them.

    4. Stop blaming the Japan’s society. Weather you like it or not, Mr. Sagawa is famous in America and a number of diffrent contries as well. And he isnt famous for what he did. He is famous for being able to over-come that will. No cannible has ever been able to do that before. His story is amazing. It isnt even “sick”.

    Get over yourselves cause weather you know it or not, your making him more famous by reading and commenting on this.

  33. Galoux

    Ignore Aloysius Fozdyke’s drivel. It’s a weak attempt at satirizing contemporary mores in the postmodern world. There are some things that just aren’t funny, and the wretchedness of any society that would elevate a cannibalistic murderer to an icon is its own condemnation; satire is pointless beside it.

    Clearly, the man belongs in a mental institution and should never be let out. Clearly, the criminal justice system failed, as it so often does when wealth is involved. Clearly, there is something deeply wrong with Japanese society that is displayed in this terrible story. What remains mysterious to me is that there has not been one individual there so outraged by it that they have attempted to kill the man. Not to say that this would be the right thing to do–simply that one would expect it to have happened.

    My heart cries for the poor girl and her family, and for all the victims of someone’s murderous psychopathy.

  34. Anonymous

    And what would a Japanese woman taste like? Susshi? Or fried wonton?

  35. Wondered

    Uhh.. Guys.. i saw that body :'( i almost vomited !! poor renée.. she didn’t have left breast and nose.. discusting, my mom just a few years younger then renée could be nowadays :'( FUCK THIS SHIT JAPANESE ASS

  36. Anonymous

    He’s interesting.I would never do what he did but,i would like to meet this man.stop treating him like a monster :)

  37. Bob

    I can’t believe the French authorities did not press the Japanese to put this wacko in jail.

    Perhaps his wealthy family greased some key hands in Paris as well as Japan to secure the freedom of this wacko cannibal.

    I mean duh…according the Wikipedia, the Japanese said they cannot hold him legally because they were “missing key documents from the French Courts”? Uh hello? Have these people not heard of Fed-Ex? The Japanese could simply have requested the missing documents or the French could simply have volunteered to courier the necessary documents to Japan. Why did they not do so? Bribery I tell you. Key people got bribed. Justice was denied in this twisted case.

    I hope this guy rots in hell.

  38. hate bad

    he just crazy guy i wud like hit n kick his ass too much! he is pop of japan because japan love to do crazy i hope bad thing come to his life

  39. Anti-ninja

    Japan is a great country-but Issei Sagawa and commentators like Ninja represent every thing that is wrong with it.
    There is nothing normal or special about cannibalism-it is abnormal and abhorrent.
    The Japanese government should be criticized for letting a man walk around who says he would now like to make shabu shabu or sukiyaki out of Japanese women.
    Ninja is clearly representative of one of the most ugly, selfish and Ignorant aspects of modern Japanese society when he says that Issei is very special. He shames the Japanese people with such observations.
    There is nothing good about Issei or Ninja either for that matter, and the world should know that he does not speak for a majority of the Japanese people.
    His poor spelling and petulant aggressiveness notwithstanding are both testament to his ill-breeding, his ignorance and his gross misrepresentation of the Japanese people as a whole. With idiots like him claiming to represent the Japanese, it is no wonder that Japan is becoming increasingly marginalized in the international arena.

  40. Anti ninja number 2

    Fuck you ninja who the fuck do you think you are to tell me i wouldnt have to balls to end this cannibals life? If i knew where he lived i would kill him with my bare hands and be happy to go to jail for the rest of my life for doing so.

  41. Someone

    There’s nothing special about taking life, only in the giving of life.

  42. Trace me and enjoy the game.

    The above link is a website remotely operated by Sagawa and an associate. He has successfully minted his crimes into a pure gold mine. In this sense the Japanese culture IS to blame. It is their influence that gave him power and fame. He has gone so far as to openly sell his hair, SEMEN, porn movies, and despicable handiworks. I understand the need for freedom of speech and expression. There is no doubt that it is a necessary human right, however, there is also such a thing as justice. What is this man’s right worth over the abysmal travesty of basic morality, the murder of an innocent woman, and the admitted barbaric practice of cannibalism?
    In this case, fuelling his practice with support or justifications is reason behind his shocking freedom! Cast away your ignorance Ninja, ALOYSIUS FOZDYKE! Realise the power of moral support! Or suffer the realisation that you are no different than him.. bonis nocet quisqus malis perpercit! He who spares the evil, injures the good!

    Make no doubt. Crimes such as these have a grave price. Issei Sagawa, you and your fellow abominations of human beings will see the righteous fist of justice before you lay for your final rest.
    I am not a religious nut. I do not believe in God. I believe Human Beings. You, Issei Sagawa, are in violation of all that is good in a human being. If you are reading this, consider your days numbered.

    Fiat Justitia, Ruat Caelum.

  43. Queer Face

    I have also eaten human flesh. A lot of people have. Sagawa is only special because he is not dead or in prison. It didn’t even taste good – we overcooked it. I’d like to try it again some day, when Matthew isn’t bullshitting on the grill. I’ve heard it’s best raw, or cooked medium rare. I only had a moderate sandwich of thigh meat. Sure that you could make a full on steak, or grind it up and have burgers. Cannibalism occurs all around the world, for thousands if not millions of years. Sagawa murdered this woman. I don’t know what to say. Humans are more holy than any other living being, I guess, for some reason. I think you should put your Bibles down and open your mind a little bit.

  44. Sherlock

    This is profoundly one very fucked up story. This kind of psychotic behavior goes on in a lot of countries, what makes it particularly egregious about it being Japanese is there is no telling what the hell is lying dormant just under the facade of this culture/society.

    After living here for twenty some years, I can tell you, there is some very surreal murders that go on here almost daily the world hears nothing about. Just today a son placed a plastic bag over his father’s head because the father told his son he didn’t have any remaining confidence left in continuing to live.

    The son promptly suffocated his 41 year-old father to death. And this says nothing of the fact the Japanese are moving the fastest in providing fuckable ‘female’ robots for lonely Japanese men where in some groups life-like dolls are given daily care in the privacy of their small apartments.

    The Japanese I really believe are in a sort of post-apocalyptic therapeutic passivity about it all.

  45. Enemy of World

    Aloysius Fozdyke and Ninja:

    you’re both bunch of pathetic, worthless pieces of shit, and i wouldn’t think twice about torturing and slaughtering both of you if i would know where you sick fucks live.

    But it seems that you’re too much of a coward to tell me your address. Sure, you can talk about killing and eating a woman, but you don’t have the balls to meet someone who actually fights back. But that is to be expected from degenerate filth like you.

    So go fuck yourselves you whoresons and then kill yourselves. Your time will come, rest assured…

  46. Rebecca

    I find it extremely sick that people give this man positive attention.
    He is not a celebrity or someone the public can idolize, he is insane and should have been left in prison.
    Can you imagine the pain the family of the victim feels knowing this man is set free?
    I find it disgusting.
    I hope Karma catches up to him one day.

    All this attention is proving his point that what he did wasn’t wrong at all.

    This really angers me.

  47. Crazy Fuckwit

    This guy is a fuckin wanker, i dont care wot these fuckin idiots that are sticking up for him say, if i ever met him i would jump repeatedly on his little ugly fuckin face. As for these fuckers Aloysius Fozdyke and NINJA i would also enjoy stomping your fuckin faces into the curb as im sure that poor girls family would, i really hope some fucker in your family gets cut up and eaten then maybe u will realise wot idiots u are being and its the fact he got away with it thats disgusting unlike all the white people that did it. Its not about wot race he is, but i have to say i now think hes a wee chinky fuckwit as i do with u two bitchs which im sure u probly are sticking up for this sick fuck cus u all love bullshit like this, FUCK YOU IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!

  48. thzdth

    While his errie confession has a romantic tinge amid the grotesque, it is the fact that he got away from the whole thing that I find the most disturbing…

    Queer Face, you actually ate human flesh?! What a joker…

  49. na

    What the fuck is wrong with u people that are on his side. Just think how would u feel if it was ur daughter that was being eaten.
    If it was up to me I would tie a big ass rock to his legs and through him in the ocean with a fuck load of sharks.
    That assholes going to hell for sure

  50. Buddhist

    everyones behaviour is shaped by the environment heorshe lives in

    ISSEI probably face racism in france that wat happen to him

  51. anno

    He was racially abused by a fellow japanease girl / so this excuses him to eat her..? You must be mad also.

    Clearly he was a nutter! daddys money bailed him out – as the saying goes, its not what you know, its who you know.

    And to brag about it also..? my heart goes out to the poor girls family, im supprised they havn’t hurt him.

  52. Rosanne Nopgrata

    Without a shadow of a doubt I desperately want to meet Issei Sagawa. I find him sexy and exciting because of his past. To offer up my body to him never quite knowing exactly what was going through his mind, what visions clouded his soul would be a supremely thrilling, breath-taking joy; as his essence mixed with mine promising the possibility of new life.
    If anyone knows how I can contact him please be so good as to kindly advise. I’ll shortly be travelling to Tokyo, but Tokyo is a large city and without help I dare say I’ll never be able to find Issei and offer myself to him.
    I just want to be his perfumed slave, his bed-wench and whore. I’m infatuated, intrigued and desperately want to give him my love and admiration whilst accepting what only he could offer me: His exceptional individuality.
    To think he loved her so much he ate her…


  53. To Ninja,Aloysius Fozdyke,Queer Face,and Rosanne Nopgrata

    If you think that Cannibalism is not wrong then you need to be commited to a mental institution yourself. It is in NO way right to MURDER another human and then EAT their remains. Let me LEAD your mother to my house MURDER and then EAT her, and then you tell me how it feels bitch!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. Roja

    I think Issei Sagawa is a truly disgusting human being (I use that term loosely). What he did to that poor girl was just evil, and the worse thing was he got away with it and is living off what he did without remorse. I’m not a religious person but I really hope he has a nasty ends a thousand times worse than his victim. RIP Renee, you did not deserve what happened to you and many people hope you’re in a better place.

  55. Anonymous

    holy shit
    there is sumething wrong with this man he murdered and ate a fellow student…..
    im just shocked and sicken

  56. O.O

    DUUUUUUUDE. Why is he still alive?!

  57. May

    This man is sick, no doubt about that!!! Killing and eating another human… I can’t believe that he got away with it… I want to meet this man, and tell him how disgusting and inhuman he is!!! And that I wish somebody would kill him, and he should burn in hell!!!! It makes me furious to hear that he is proud of it! What the hell is wrong with that sick bastard!!!? Why havn’t somebody tried to kill him yet!? I wish that I could kill him!! It would be a pleasure! And the ones who support him is just as sick as he is!!!! Burn in hell inhumane bastards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Fuck you Sagawa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really want to see him DEAD!!!!

    RIP Renee Hartevelt… you poor girl….

  58. At the risk of repeating myself, I’ll say it again: all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good people do nothing……


  59. me

    He is not sick. He is evil. Sick people dont know that they do wrong. He knows what he is doing is wrong (to say the least). I know the day will come when he is in the worst place of hell along with the other killers and cannibals. The goverment that lets him and other criminals get away with their crimes will be along side him. The family is increadible to not have flown to Japan to rip out the heart of this beast!!

  60. FuckYouIsseiSagawa

    I seriously can’t believe some of the fucking BULLSHIT I read on here. How are you morons even alive? I hope you’re just trolling for your own sake because this guy was in no way a fucking hero or deity of any kind—merely one sick bastard that MURDERED and ATE another human being. How can you justify that? Can you imagine the horrors that the victim’s family went through to see this sick fucker on the street again? He should NEVER be able to see the light of day again. Also, for the idiots below me that defended him or tried to tie his case with “Racism” or “attacks against the japanese government” deserve to be sodomized repeatedly in a mental hospital. That has nothing to do with the issue at hand. My goodness there are SO many illogical people nowadays! Some of you sound even more insane than he is!

  61. Jake

    I literally cringed throughout the whole story. I’m a red-blooded guy, yeah, but honestly, that’s just … wrong.

  62. carer

    to Aloysius Fozdyke,
    Your just a try hard and not even a good one. Ha ha, what a fool you are. An idiot that rides on the coat tails of a sicko. Dummy!

  63. Bob

    Son of a rich japanese industrialist.
    He’s protected, you wouldn’t be able to get near him.

  64. tom

    i would gladly do 20 years in the pen just to have 5 mins alone with that sick fuck. someone should kill him, the family of the victim deserves justice

  65. random person

    ok. this guy is just f***in sick in his bloody head!!! i don’t blame the japanese ppl, just blaming sagawa ass. i would luv to carve parts of his body ALIVE, make sure hez alive through the whole process so that he cam feel the pain dead renee had to go through though shez dead. :p

  66. Issei Sagawa is an absolutely sick and disgusting individual. How the hell is he a minor celebrity in Japan? It makes no sense.

  67. Anonymous

    I don’t understand why everyone’s directing hate at Japan. If you all read the whole article, you’d see that he can barely support himself. So no, the Japanese do not support him. Take your white supremacy somewhere else.

  68. Angel of Death

    Mr. Issei Sagawa,

    I am coming for you, you will burn for your crimes against humanity. Your pride in the crimes you committed against that girl is your downfall. Because you have not repented, because you have not made ammends, because you are inspiring others to be like you, this is the end. Be warned, and be expecting me.

  69. Anonymous

    That’s the loophole in law. This type of treatment is for the truly mentally disabled people that can hardly even do basic things in life. This sicko killed and used this loophole in the law. Only one year will never help with that. Forever in a mental hospital would be better.

  70. Anonymous

    Little disgusting man….you should be skinned and roled in salt. You denied a young woman to live her life, you took it to enrich your own. You can not and will never be albel to pay the price for what you have done. You should have spent your life in a little holw being pissed on and spat at day in and day out.

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