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Gothic Lolita

Gothic lolitaLike ganguro, Gothic Lolita (“GothLoli”) is a popular fashion statement made by young Japanese women. However, GothLoli is the antithesis of the tanned, bleached ganguro craze.

Unlike many goth fashions in the West, GothLoli embraces femininity and grace. It idealizes modest Victorian elegance, and GothLoli girls try to look as much like old-fashioned dolls as possible.

A typical outfit includes a frilly Victorian-style blouse, a voluminous knee-length skirt with lace trimming, long stockings or fishnets, and large, clunky shoes. Clothes are usually limited to black and white, and make-up is used sparingly. To add to the effect, many girls accessorize with lace gloves, parasols, or old-fashioned handbags.

GothLoli is highly influenced by the distinctive style and fashion of Visual-kei music. Mana, the cross-dressing guitar player from the visual-kei group Malice Mizer, is widely-credited with starting the fad.

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  1. cute

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  2. ami

    This article is not entirely correct, but it’s a good try. http://lolitafashion.org/ is a great site about Lolita.

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