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Comfort women

During WWII, the Japanese army (like other armies) operated brothels in the other Asian countries it occupied. They were staffed mainly with unwilling women (“comfort women”) who had been tricked or coerced into giving themselves to Japanese soldiers.

Estimates of the number of these women range from 20,000 to 300,000.

In 1995, the Asian Women’s Fund was set up to compensate the exploited victims. However, many of the women are still waiting for an official apology and compensation from the Japanese government.

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  1. shocked

    This was pure sin..and no..most armies do NOT do this, quit making excuses for sin. This is godless..and when people..men too..accept Jesus Christ as LORD, Savior and God..things ae so very different. Now g read John 1-3..in the Bible..King Jesus loves all people..and one day He will rulle..nobody else..so pray now ask Him to be your Lord, God and Savior…read Revelation 20:10-15 🙂 Read Romans 10:9-13 carefully…

  2. minjae

    wow shocked are you a retard? all armies either do this or go out and rape girls quit lieing to yourself and quit with your religious bullshit twat

  3. Anonymous

    they stuck bayonettes into the girls’ vaginas. how is that not cruel?

  4. Heheh

    Japan was the grossest violator, probably followed by Russia. Even the Germans tried to limit this, even though they had the largest contact with conquered civilian populations.

  5. 24K

    Shit happens and no god will come to save you.

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