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Capsule hotels

Missed the last train again? Too drunk to go home to your wife? Unfussy about personal space and privacy? Try one of Japan’s world famous capsule hotels.

For many, sleeping in a plastic coffin is unappealing, especially as a thin curtain is all that separates you from up to 50 slumbering bodies, and many hotels only offer communal bathing facilities.

However, for the average salaryman in a bind, these hotels are cheap, convenient, and more comfortable than the pavement.

Ladies hoping for a night entombed with a group of potentially-dangerous strangers will be disappointed – most hotels are for men only.

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  1. Queer Face

    Jesus God this is depressing. I stayed once in NYC at a youth hostel that I did not have to be a member of, for around 25 to 30 dollars. I had a room of bunk beds with my two friends. We smoked pot on the roof. Another time my brother and I stayed in a hostel for the same price and we had a bathroom in our room, and carried the communal beatbox into it and listened to Arabic pop cassettes while getting plastered. Capsule hotels fucking suck. It seems like a novelty to some people for some reason, but wouldn’t that seem pretty degrading to climb into your little pod to sleep? If I am ever in the position where this seems like a viable option to me at the time, I will kill myself.

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