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Boso zoku (Biker gangs)

Boso zokuJapan’s urban soundtrack wouldn’t be complete without the blaring and whooping of the passing boso zoku (motorcycle gangs).

Supposedly introduced by adventurous Hell’s Angels in the 1950’s, boso zoku membership reached a peak of 40,000 in the 70’s.

With total disregard for Japan’s timid police, the gangs’ favourite trick is to cruise slowly through residential areas, revving their engines (having removed the mufflers) and making as much noise as possible.

The gangs are reputed to be prime recruiting ground for the yakuza (who the zoku must pay for the use of their territory), and violent crime perpetrated by these groups has increased rapidly.

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  1. namgurlz

    boso zoku..i had jz heard about it 2 days ago when my lectrur told us about them..
    interesting information..n i luv to know about them..

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