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Bishojo games (Dating games)

Bishojo gamesAlthough “bishojo games” means “beautiful girl games”, these games are not for girls. They revolve around interaction with a number of attractive animated girls, usually with a romantic or sexual focus.

This is most popular genre of PC games in Japan, but they are almost unknown in the West, because very few are translated or marketed outside East Asia.

The two main categories are ren’ai games (dating simulators) and H games (“H” standing for hentai, or pervert). The degree of pornography is usually quite mild in ren’ai games, but some H games contain hardcore brutality and fetishism.

The depiction of women in these games is interesting. They are always idealized: with “perfect” bodies, enormous sparkling eyes and crystal-cut features. They tend to be extremely cute and feminine – even when a character initially appears to be confident and powerful, she will eventually be revealed as playful and passive. They are usually aged 14 to 17, appealing to the Lolita complex in Japanese male society.

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